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  • Why choose the subscription?

    The SaaS subscription system (Software as a Service) has many advantages:
    - Budget watching
    - You modulate your needs as you wish by increasing or decreasing the number of licenses.

    Optimal availability
    A simple Internet connection is enough to take advantage of your solution immediately

    You always have the latest version available (bug fixes + new features included)

    All inclusive !
    • Software maintenance, hosting, backups, updates.
    • Access to our telephone platform (non-premium calls).
    • Free assistance on software use (at isofunctional perimeter).

    Maximum security
    • The platform is regularly updated according to w3c recommendations and middleware’s editors (Automatic security flaws management)

  • How to recover my lost / forgotten password?

    To recover your password, just go to the login page. Then click on "forgotten password".
    After entering your email address, you will receive an activation link via e-mail that will allow you to create a new password.

  • Who do I have to contact about billing?

    You can see your consumption: bo to Administration module
    Menu Organisation
    then go to Consumer tab
    For any questions regarding billing please send an email to ESII

  • Orion

  • Can I take appointment with Orion on my mobile?

    You can access to Orion on your mobile phone.For this you must have a smartphone equipped with a functional internet connection and an Orion subscription.

  • Which internet browser do I have to use?

    We recommend that you regularly update your internet browser and operating system. Thus you will benefit from the most recent security patches.
    Your planning is accessible from the following browsers: Google Chrome 70+, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 62+.
    Also on tablet : Ipad, Samsung & Windows surface.

  • Pairing my hardware does not work.

    As part of an ESII hardware installation, it comes with a device that enables automatic dialogue with the cloud server.

    When the hardware is powered and connected to the Internet, it automatically displays a code allowing it to be paired:

    - For a CTIP, the pairing code is displayed on the LCD screen.

    - For a twana touch terminal, the pairing code is displayed directly on the touch screen.

    - For a video screen controlled by our PC, the pairing code is displayed directly on the video screen.

    Then, this code must be associated with the device configured in the administration interface of your system before validating the pairing. For more information, refer to the chapter "Receiving Devices" in the user manual.


    If the pairing code does not appear, please check the following:

    - If the equipment is not powered, test the power supply, for example by plugging a mobile phone with its charger and then visually checking its charge indicator.

    - Visually check the indicator light of the power supply.

    - Visually check the power indicator of the device (PC video, TECIP or CTIP).

    - Check the Internet connection, connecting a laptop and / or checking the mains connection.

    - Check network permissions, knowing that our products use an https connection (port 443) and an outgoing MQTT connection (port 8883)


    In connection with the pairing of a device not provided by ESII, we cannot guarantee its compatibility and be held responsible for its non-connection.

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