ESII is the leading queue management systems company for French market thanks to its 35 year long history and constant innovating. Thanks to our network of international partners, our solutions are installed in more than 50 countries. We are proud to offer a superior queuing experience to more than 500 million users annually.

Our product range offers solutions adapted to your specific queue management needs. Our interactive Twana kiosks range direct the user upon arrival thanks to their pre-booked appointments. It does so either by printing out a ticket or through clear on-screen instructions. Our drive to constantly innovate led us to develop programs such as eSirius, a powerful queue management system, or SmartWait. SmartWait is an app allowing users to book appointments or step into a virtual queue straight from their Smartphone.

Using the expertise acquired in the development of these solutions, we have developed Orion Appointment. Orion Appointment is a powerful appointment management system, allowing users to easily book appointments straight from your website. Thanks to our platform, easily integrated to your website, your city hall can offer online appointments booking 24/7..