Our benefits


Autonomous & independant

You have just to put Orion on your website. You don't need to register to an online directory.

SaaS solution

You always have the latest version available.Maintenance, hosting, backups, updates included.

Customize the module

All the graphic aspects are accessible and can be changed: colors, logo ...

2 types of appointment

Individual or collective (to organize events.

Text message & email reminder

Decrease unrewarded appointments with SMS reminders and configurable email..

Customize availability

You set the available time slots when making appointments as you wish.


You define different rights of access to the collaborators : you have 5 different profiles.

24/7 Availability

Thanks to Orion, an agenda is available at any time.

Easy integration on your website

Orion integrates on your website with an iframe.

Responsive module

Making appointments is available on all devices connected to the internet, regardless of the operating system.

Outdoor appointment

You can suggest making an appointment at the customer. The time slot adapts automatically.

Connection with other calendars

You can import and export Orion appointments in other calendar software (Google Calendar, Outlook ...).

Adaptability of the solution

Orion is scalable from 1 calendar to "infinity".


Orion is compliant with the GDPR.

Queue management

Scheduling can evolve into a more complete visitor reception solution.