picto Personnalisation

Easy installation

Your connection links are automatically sent to you by email.

picto calendrier gestion

SaaS solution

You always have the latest version available.Maintenance, hosting, backups, updates included.

picto planning 24/24

Book an appointment 24/7

with Orion Appointment, Available appointments are displayed on your website.

picto Personnalisation

Customize your Reception interface

All graphical aspects such as logos and colors are accessible and customizable.

picto calendrier gestion

Supervise your reception

You set the available time slots to making appointments as you want.

picto Personnalisation


You define different rights of access and use according to the employees.

picto calendrier gestion


You retrieve your existing appointments.

picto rdv honorés

Reduce no-shows

Text and email reminders are sent to the customer reducing no-shows.

picto agenda

Organize your calendars according to your organization

You can distribute the calendars by agent, by position, by service ...

picto 24/24

Integrate easily the appointment module

Orion Appointment integrates within your website as an iframe.

picto usager satisfait

Reduce waiting time

You customize the different visit purposes and define for each of them the necessary time. Users are on time.